You weren't planning to sleep any time soon, right? This is a collection of creepy stories that floats around on the Internet, also known as creepypastas. If they are real or not is up to you to believe.
Feb 23

13 Asian Horror Stories, I really liked this one!

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As told to me by a man of God

I’ve worked in the medical field for many years.  Every once in a while, you hear or read of a case that sounds so outlandish that you think ‘it can’t be true’.  That’s until you get to see one. 

It occurred to me that since I’ve seen a very few then, the same could be happening in other professions.  I once talked to a retired Las Vegas cop who believed that ‘he had once met the true embodiment of evil’. 

Long ago, I was sitting on a bus with other guys from my unit.  We were enjoying a few days off in Greece.  On this night on the bus, on our way back to the ship, I got to talking to our Chaplain, a Naval officer.  I asked him the same question ‘what is the worse that you’ve seen as a man of God?’

Without a moment of pause he replied, ‘I’ve been part of exorcisms’. 

I never thought that his response was going to be this.  A mellow, quiet, always with a smile man who…had battled what he believed were demons in order to save a person.  I don’t feel fear easily but, sitting there next to him, I felt something which made me tear up because not of the story that he told me but, I knew he was not lying.

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christopher-ryan mckenney: surreal photography

(Source: asylum-art, via tawreh)

Jan 29

When you enter a dark room, turn on the light. Why? Because otherwise, you’re working blind. But you need to turn on the light even if you know the room well. You never know what’s hiding in your shadow. Always, always turn on the light, preferably before even entering the room.

And take a good look around, right away, before your eyes even adjust. Don’t even close them. Yes, it’s annoying and painful, but you’ll thank me. Because in that split second, when the light flashes and your eyes are squinting, you never know what kind of things the light just revealed.


Why do you do it? You don’t know why, but you do. You make sure the windows are locked, you check the other side of the door, and your closet…You even check under your bed. Why do you do this? Does ripping open the shower curtain and seeing nothing there make you feel safe? Does scoping the area with your eyes after reading a scary story reassure you?

Well, it shouldn’t.

Because by the time you’ve looked, I’ve already hidden.

Jan 26